Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great News!

After many months of waiting, it looks like I will be enrolling this Fall in the PhD program at the University of Aberdeen. This thankfully ends a rather long and wearisome time for my wife and me. This is also the initial fulfillment of a dream that I have had for quite some time. Praise the Lord, it also means I won't have to work as a security guard for the rest of my life :-)

Regarding my research topic, for now I will say that it will probably involve the "new creation" theme in Ephesians. More on this to come, I suppose.


Stephen C. Carlson said...


Nicole Wilson Conley said...

praise God for His gifts! give rachel a hug for me! :-)

Josh McManaway said...

Congrats!! It's good to see a Southeasterner going somewhere as prestigious as Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

congrats Mark! I'm right behind you. Just kidding:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I hope you blog about your Ephesians studies. That letter has been my focus for the past year now and it completely fascinates me!


Mike Aubrey

Mark Owens said...

Thanks and congrats to you, as well! Duke has an incredible NT faculty.


Praise the Lord, indeed! Consider Rachel hugged!


Thanks a lot. I'm not so sure about Southeastern's track-record with getting students into prestigous schools in America. However, I have heard of some of our students getting into schools like Cambridge, St Andrews, Nottingham, and Manchester. Something for you to think about:-)Blessings.


I truly wish you were right behind me. It would be pretty funny for us to meet for the first time in Scotland, though. I don't foresee a trip to Texas anytime soon, however. Maybe we'll eventually meet at ETS/SBL. Blessings.


Thanks for visiting my blog. As a Christian, Ephesians is an incredible letter. As a wannabe academician (not to separate the two identities too sharply, btw), Ephesians is an awesome letter to study bc there still seem to be (at least in my humble/matters not opinion) some important, unsettled issues.
As far as blogging on my research, that is something that seemed to benefit me during my ThM studies. However, I found that rather difficult to do well and I think it will be more difficult with this project. We'll see:-) Blessings.

Brandon said...


metalepsis said...

Good on! Get all the sunshine while you still can!

Who will you be working with?

Mark Owens said...

Thanks a lot


I'm guessing "Good on" is some slang that I should become familiar with:-) In any case, thanks a lot.
They've assigned my to Andrew Clarke, but with my research topic (hopefully) moving in a different direction, someone else would probably be more helpful. With the NT faculty at Aberdeen being somewhat in limbo, we'll see what happens. Blessings.