Friday, November 10, 2006

Interesting ETS Papers

I do apologize (again) for the absence. Things have been crazy as my wife and I sell our house. I've also taken a break from my work on Ephesians and have tried to focus attention on a few other areas of interest (primarily the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1 Enoch, and discourse analysis). Anyway, I'll try to get back to Ephesians again soon.

Here are a few ETS papers that look particularly interesting to me:

1) "Powers, Personification and the Paradox of Evil in Wisdom and Romans" (J. Dodson)
2) "Isaiah's Leviathan in His Near Eastern Context" (W. Barker)
3) "The Church Militant and Her Warfare: We are not another Interest Group" (J. Hamilton)
4) "Paul, Artemis, and Idolatry in Ephesians" (C. Arnold)
5) "'As it was in the Days of Noah': Flood Typology, the Use of the Old Testament and Eschatological Expectation in 1 Enoch and the New Testament" (D. Street)
6)"The Polemical Nature of the Danielic Mystery and Paul's Use of It in 1 Cor 1-2" (B. Gladd)
7) "Transforming the Body: Salvation as Restoration to the Proper Use of the Body in Romans" (T. Gombis)
8) "The Church as 'One New Man': Ecclesiology and Anthropology in Ephesians" (S. Aaron Son)
9) "The Use (or Abuse) of Power in High Places: Paul's Account of Gift-Giving in Eph 4:8 and Psa 68" (W. Wilder)
10) "Benefaction, Body Building, and Battle: A Political Theory for the Church in Paul's Letter to the Ephesians" (F. Long)
11) "Meeting the New Perspective Half-Way: Jew Gentile Relationships and Justification by Faith in Paul" (M. Bird)

I'm really pleased to see a number of papers on Ephesians. I'm also excited about the papers on Romans, as they could line up really well with my future research on Ephesians (btw, some see numerous parallels between Romans and Ephesians). Hopefully some of these papers will also provide for some interesting discussion on this blog.

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I will be interested to hear some comments on "The Church as 'One New Man': Ecclesiology and Anthropology in Ephesians" (S. Aaron Son).