Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Anti-Judaism: The Need for a Proper Definition

"there is a certain overlap between anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism . 'The hatred of persons because they are Jews' means that that hatred is directed first at their religion and culture, and then at the persons themselves. However, there is a vital difference: anti-Judaism does not have to be expressed by hatred, while anti-Semitism can only be expressed in this way. Anti-Judaism is consistent with a wholehearted love both for Judaism and for Jews, while anti-Semitism is not."

S. Motyer, "Editorial: Is John's Gospel Anti-Semitic?," Themelios 23 (1998): 1.


Chris Tilling said...

I was there when he presented this paper a couple of years ago in LST. He is a fine chap.

Mark Owens said...

Thanks for visiting Chris.I've been really impressed with Motyter's work on the FG and would definitely say its foundational to my thesis.