Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Helpful resources on Ephesians

I am hoping to complete my thesis (by God's grace) within the next three months. After that, I plan to begin research on Ephesians that will hopefully lead to a dissertation proposal. At present, I think I only have three commentaries on Ephesians: Lincoln, O'brien, and C. Hodge. I obviously will need to expand my collection of works on Ephesians.

Here is a list of works on Ephesians I plan on buying/borrowing:
1) Ephesians, E. Best
2) Essays on Ephesians, E. Best
3) Studies in Ephesians, N. Dahl
4) Ephesians, H. Hoehner
5) Ephesians, M. Barth
6) Ephesians, R. Schnackenburg
7) The Theology of the latter Pauline Epistles, Lincoln; Wedderburn; Dunn
8) Ephesians, Muddiman

Any other suggestions? Anything related to the Christology in Ephesians would be especially appreciated:-)


Jim said...

You already have Markus Barth- so that's pretty much all you need.

Mark Owens said...

So much for my excuse to buy more books:-(

Michael F. Bird said...

Where, oh where, is Peter T. O'Brien and his commentary on Ephesians in the Pillar series. Come to think of it, Andrew Lincoln ain't bad either.

C. Stirling Bartholomew said...

Yes, Peter T. O'Brien, for sure. And how about some old guys, e.g., John Eadie T&T Clark 1883.

David A Booth said...

O'Brien's commentary is a masterpiece. Hodge isn't particularly helpful. Given that you already have Lincoln, I would add Best and Hoehner.

Of course, for a dissertaion you will need a lot more - but the three commentaries that I would definitely want to own on Ephesians are: O'Brien, Hoehner, and Best (In that order).

Best wishes,